Stamps Teach Plus

My kids are strangely in love with collecting and trading Pokemon cards.  I don't know how this started except that they've seen other kids trading these cards but the whole thing seems completely pointless to me. 

So I decided to try to introduce them to collecting stamps instead in hopes that they might actually learn a few things while collecting.  I found this wonderful resource called Stamps Teach Plus.  There are downloadable lesson plans and worksheets about stamp collecting but what is really amazing is that when I signed them up for the program, they received all of this wonderful stamp collecting material pictured below...for free!

There are First Day Covers which are envelopes that have a stamp that is cancelled on the first day of issue for that stamp.  It's a commemorative keepsake for the day the stamp was first released.

There are challenges called StampVentures that get the kids to look through stamps for specific objects and they cover school subjects of Math, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, and Language Arts.  

There are also small StampVentures posters for each subject.  The one below challenges kids to look for stamps that represent countries where their ancestors were born.  I hope the kids enjoy these challenges and learn a little along the way.

There are colorful stickers for some stamp themes.

They each received several stamp albums for their collections.

More stamp related educational material - word searches, cross word puzzles, etc.  Love it!

There is also some introductory info to stamp collecting as well as a membership application to the American Philatelic Society.  I'm signing them both up...and I might just join myself so I can learn more too!

Some stamps and historical information.

Lots more First Day Covers!

A few colorful posters covering different stamp themes.  The Reptiles and Amphibians poster is Rachel's favorite.

There are also some small educational posters that go along 

And what is most fun is the giant pile of cancelled stamps they received to start their collections off right.  How cool is that?!

What a wonderful resource for introducing kids to stamp collecting!

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