Happy 4th Birthday, Rachel!

Our sweet little angel is 4 years old today! She was greeted with presents galore and even a Cinderella balloon as big as she is!

She got a few puzzles.  This girl loves puzzles and can't get enough of them.

She was excited about her little Cinderella doll that comes with several different outfits to change her into.  She is such a fashionista.

After she opened another puzzle, she happily went to place it on her puzzle shelves.  She was so proud to see them on her shelves.

She then ripped into her big present.  What could it be?

A Dora Magical Castle!  It is pretty cool because there are secret rooms and trap doors.  Even Nicholas had fun exploring it :)

Rachel forgot about the rest of her presents and was totally engrossed in her Dora Castle.

They worked together placing furniture and people in all the rooms of the house.

Grandmother C. gave Rachel a Bitty Baby from the American Girl Doll store.  She loves baby dolls but especially this one because it has blonde hair and blue eyes just like Rachel!

She's named it "Baby Rachel".

Two sweet baby girls.

Rachel loves pretend jewelry but I don't like her wearing a lot of that painted plastic stuff from China because sometimes I catch her with some piece in her mouth.  I just don't trust the safety of that paint.  So I picked up a real little necklace for her.  It is colorful and sparkly, just like Rachel.

Rachel also got some pajamas that match her Bitty Baby's pajamas.  She was excited to show them to her baby.

More Disney princess dolls and clothes to play dress up with.

Rachel is such a beautiful joyful little girl.  She is truly a blessing in our lives.

Happy Birthday Rachel!

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