Online Baking Classes

Rachel has been enjoying taking online classes.  We are all enjoying the benefits of the online baking classes because there are always yummy treats afterwards.

She has taken some through Taste Buds Kitchen and Outschool.  Recently she learned how to make these simple apple cinnamon muffins.

Sometimes I know there will be a mess in the kitchen but she is always good about cleaning up when she is done.  She took a class where they were making a healthy granola bar snack and it required a lot of ingredients.  She gathered all of the ingredients on the island and then started measuring it all out before the class started.

They mixed the dry ingredients then combined those with the wet ingredients. 

They combined the dry ingredients with the wet ingredients then pressed it into a baking sheet to firm up before slicing into snack bars.  I wish I had a picture of the finished product but we ate it all up.

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